Mini & junior tennis age groups

Mini tennis

To make it easy for children to start playing and enjoying tennis at any age, our junior coaching programmes follow the LTA Mini Tennis/Junior age groups. However, here at i2c Play Tennis we accommodate the needs of the individual child so these levels are a guide only and certainly not set in stone!

  • Tots classes (ages 3-4) help to develop coordination, movement and basic ball skills, with an emphasis on lots of fun and games. Some classes even encourage parents to join in too! 
  • Mini Tennis Red (ages 5-8)  is played on a smaller court (roughly badminton court size) with larger, softer felt or foam balls.  Rackets are shorter, the net is lower and the ball slower which helps children to develop simple tactics and technique, with a focus on getting the basics right. Classes include coordination work, coaching and an introduction to competition. 
  • Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-9) is played on a court approx. 3/4 size of a normal tennis court using an orange ball 50% slower than a normal tennis ball. The slower ball, shorter and narrower court and lower net help children to develop their whole game including tactics and technique. Competition includes slightly longer matches, which follow singles, doubles and team formats. 
  • Mini Tennis Green (ages 9-10)  is played on a full court, but still with a slightly slower, green ball. At this stage children are becoming bigger and stronger and more able to cover a full court. Classes emphasise continued technical and tactical development using increased power and spin, as well as specific athletic skills. Competition is both individual and team based. 

Junior tennis

Junior tennis (ages 11+) is played on a full size court, with a normal, yellow ball and develops the technical and tactical skills for a whole court game. Competition is both individual and team-based.  Juniors, who are playing several times a week and wanting to take their tennis more seriously, may be invited to join one of our special squads with additional fitness training.